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Father of many Children

The Mick Jagger Family

The lead singer of the popular British rock band The Rolling Stones has been writing history for half a century. Mick Jagger became father again. The legend of British rock music, which is now 73 years old, has given a boy again. Jagger has eight children from four women, five grandchildren and even a great-grandson.

x-working Mick Jagger 2013 at a concert in the Hyde Park, London, (c) Gorupdebesanez
Mick Jagger 2013 at a concert in the Hyde Park, London, (c) Gorupdebesanez

Mick was born in Dartford (UK) in 1943. For many rock fans, he is an idol today. He began his career studying business management. He studied at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Who knows what Mick Jagger would have been for an entrepreneur if he had not changed his profession? He certainly liked singing more than any statistics. The first band from Jagger called itself Little Boy Blue & Blue Boys. Together with Keith Richards, he later co-founded the Rolling Stones, reaching great popularity in a short time. Guitarist Brian Jones, drummer Charlie Watts and bass player Bill Wyman also joined the group. The first official appearance of the band took place on 12th July 1962.

For a long time, the Rolling Stones were a direct competition with another legend of alternative rock, the Beatles. However, the unique style of the Stones went down in history. Their albums sold more than 250 million times worldwide. The most popular hits include "I Can`t Get No" Satisfaction", "Get Off of My Cloud" or "Brown Sugar".

Over the many years of the band's history, Jagger was always the singer and mastermind. He is considered as the synonym of a rock star par excellence. He was able to deliver a certain sexual movement right in front of thousands of spectators, he could be aggressive, indecent, coarse, and sometimes even soft for a man.

Jagger could afford to drink with an alcoholic in a bar on the outskirts of London. For him there were no social norms and rules of society. Mick - a daring rebel, who was not only dealing with the police with his escapades. However, all this was forgiven due to his high degree of creativity and musical talent.

With age, the embers of the musician cooled a little. Nevertheless, he cannot be regarded as a peaceful grandfather retiring. Jagger does not like to be old and asks his grandchildren to address him by his first name. His love affairs confirm that the singer is still full of energy. Mick Jagger had only been married twice in his life, but he always had affairs with other women. Now a son sprang from his relationship with the young 29-year-old dancer Melanie Hemrick. They met in 2014.

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