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Informazione Legale | Condizioni d´Uso


X-Working GmbH
Hofrichterstrasse 32
51067 Köln

Sede e registro tribunale:
Colonia HR 92145 B
IVA No.: DE301501077
Amministratore delegato: Siegfried Uhl

The following terms apply to the use of the x-working network. Users are solely responsible for their behavior and for their content on the network. Compliance with these standards is required. By registering you confirm that you have read and understood the Terms of Use and agree to these rules. The x-working network is available for users starting at the age of 13 and older. Any person who sets her or his personal information in the network thus confirmes to be 13 years and older.






Overall Rules of Communication

As a user you agree to not post, to not communicate via e-mail or in any other way, and to not make content available in this network that:

  • infringes any copyright, trademark or competition rights;
  • interrupts the communication via software viruses or any other computer code files or programs on the network, or destroys the functionality of computer software, hardware or telecommunications equipment;
  • constitutes spam, such as "chain letters", "pyramid schemes", advertisement of illegal products/services, or other advertising or marketing activities, that violate these Terms of Use, any applicable laws, any regulations or any generally accepted advertising industry guidelines;
  • is somehow misleading, deceptive or fraudulent;
  • is illegal, acts equivalent, including participation in phishing, acts in any other way for financial or other personal information in a misleading manner, or stands for fraudulent or misleading purposes;
  • is presented in a manner that is offensive or defamatory, or in a manner that poses a threat, threatening, abusive language, violence, harassment;
  • is malicious, harmful or invasive to natural or legal persons;
  • is harmful to minors in any way;
  • acts negative against any race, colour, sex, religion, nationality, ethnic or national origin, marital status, disability, sexual orientation, age or otherwise, or is discriminatory;
  • contains personal or identifyed information about another person without the explicit consent of the person.
Prohibited Communications

Furthermore, it is not permitted and prohibited accordingly:

  • to impersonate another person to obtain access to this network without permission;
  • to interfere with the operation of this network or to prevent others to use this network in an appropriate manner;
  • to attack the normal dialogue flow with an excessive number of messages (flooding attack) in this network;
  • to share and post copyrighted content illegally;
  • to transmit misleading emails or IP addresses, forged headers or otherwise manipulated identifiers to other users in order to disguise the origin of any content on this network.
Mandatory Communications

In addition, you agree:

  • not to harass other users in the network;
  • not to forward data and collections including personal information about other users without their consent to divulge or to abuse for illegal and legal purposes or in violation of applicable laws and regulations;
  • not to forward your username and password to any other person and not to use any other authentication information for your own communication;
  • not to share any content with purely sexual content or child pornography on the network;
  • not to share content showing rape, extreme violence, murder, bestiality, incest or related content;
  • not to use any automated software, including spiders, robots, crawlers and data mining tools to download data from the network; exceptions in this context are internet search engines and non-commercial public archives;
  • not to share posts with irrelevant content, possibly always representing the same or slightly different content;
  • not to generate an unreasonable or disproportionately large load on the infrastructure of the network by search queries and interactions;
  • to ensure not granting unauthorized or unwanted recognizable persons and groups of persons access to the X-Working network;
  • not to act in a way that disturbs the well-being of the user base, reducing its consumption quality or affect the performance of the functions of this network negatively;
  • not to carry out any activities, which result in back coupling with online systems, eg. via the display, the importing or exporting feedback information from the network, or which correlates with a use of purpose that is not related to this network.