x-working crowns the TOP100 Artists / Artist Groups     

Independent Survey across all Art Dimensions

Over the year 2016, x-working reviewed and evaluated many websites. As a result, the TOP100 living artists or artist groups appear right across the whole range of the art dimensions Traditional Art, Modern Art, Digital Art and Performing Arts. In this article, we would like to provide you a behind-the-scenes look with regards of the approach of this survey.

THANKS to all artists!

First of all, many thanks to all the artists. x-working stood in close dialogue with over 70% of the depicted artists and asked permission to use the pictures. The response was overwhelming. We would like to say THANK YOU. THANKS for your art, THANKS for your lines, THANK YOU for your positive vibration!

What was analyzed and how?

In 2016, the x-working team, consisting of approximately ten authors, examined and evaluated a large number of artist and artist group websites. It was not primarily higher, faster, further - measurable, for example, in the context of social media presences by adding and weighting the range of reach. No, it was more about authenticity and diversification.

What were the characteristics the x-working team took into consideration?

The survey was based on the respective artist's expertise, personal influences, representation and contextual depth of the website, on the networking in the respective art form, but also on personal sympathy factors. It is therefore quite possible that we have identified artists and groups of artists who have a less pronounced social media reach but which did inspire us in a holistic way.

Basis of evaluation

Fundamental basis of the evaluations were the 25 art forms below the four art dimensions as well as the seven languages. At this base, we have, so to speak, oriented ourselves. Certainly one can assign artists to several art forms, which is beyond question. The first artistic point of contact, which the artist has inspired us, was decisive for the assignment.


What comes in 2017?

In 2017, we will continue the series of TOP artists with a new real-time format and formulate a corresponding benchmark. At the same time, we will also consider social media reach. More about this future approach at the beginning of next year.

Merry Christmas and a successful start in 2017

The entire x-working team wishes all artists and artist groups a pleasant and peaceful Christmas season, a good start into the new year and a lot of success in 2017. We are available for your inquiries about an interview or a visit to your art exhibition, just let us know

We love you!

Best wishes, your x-working team


Have fun with the selected artists!