FAQ « x-working

Here are some answers to your questions about x-working

What is x-working?

x-working stands for NET-working and is an international network for artists and cultural workers in the fields of Traditional Art, Modern Art, Digital Art and Performing Arts. On x-working, you can network with other artists, find prospects for your art and generate new orders. We guarantee only real members on the platform. In addition, all rights of your artworks remain to you.

What does it make when I sign up at x-working?

The sign-up at x-working is free of charge. 

How do I join x-working?

Initially please complete the registration on the upper right hand side. After completion, x-working will check the authenticity of your information. After a successful confirmation, you will receive an email with a one-time link via which you initially arrive at your new profile. You then can fill it out. Furthermore, there is the possibility for registered users to invite friends. Here you complete the registration for your friend and your friend will receive the link for his new profile.


Questions about my Registration
1. Which names are allowed in the community?

Please provide your artist name or your real name. These can contain of letters from A-Z, a-z and numbers worth 0-9.

2. How do I change my artist name?

On your Home page, you find the interface saying "Manage Your Account". You can always change your artist name under "Settings".

3. How do I change my password?

Under "Homme“, you can always change your password under "Edit profile".

4. What is a secure password and how do I create a secure password?

The password must be at least eight characters long. There must be at least one upper case, one lower case letter, and least one special character.

5. Can I add my professional title (for example, Dr., Rev., etc.) to my personal community profile name so you can find me more easily?

No, this is not possible. Everyone is considered equal.

My Profile
1. Where can I find my settings?

Under "Home", you find the path to “Manage my Profile”.

2. How do I change my language settings?

Under "Home", you can change your language under the first tab on the left hand side.

3. How do I upload photos?

On your Home page your find "Manage Pictures". Here you can upload photos and create your albums, which will be played out on your profile.

4. How do I add videos?

On your Home page our find "Manage Videos". Here you can embed your YouTube videos and create video albums.

My Wall
1. How can I change the audience for a post on my wall?

Under the tool icon, there are meta settings for the visibilities on your wall.

2. How do I define the visibility of a post, who can see this post?

Right next to the post, there is a down arrow. Here, you can control the visibility settings for each post.

3. How do I post a status message?

It is possible to write status messages on the Home Wall as well as on the Public Wall.

4. How do I share a link to the community for art and culture?

Simply include the link in the field of link messages or within status messages.

5. How do I pin a post on top?

Right next to the post, there is a down arrow. Here I can fix the post above

6. What posts appear where?

The posts that appear on your Home Wall are the ones that you post on your own wall. Posts that you created on the Foreign Wall do not appear on your Home Wall.

7. What happens to posts from others on my Wall?

Posts by others on your own Wall are not controllable over the extended visibility setting of your own posts, but you can delete them.

8. What is visible on my own wall?

On your public wall, at least content status updates and new contacts are visible for all logged in networkers. You can hide them there, or permanently delete them on your Home Wall.

9. Who can see my public Wall?

It cannot be set, who can see your public Wall in general, your Wall (and Portrait, Photos and Videos) is generally visible to all logged in members. However, you can adjust your wall as described above.

Searching and Finding
1. How do I find artists in the community for art and culture?

Via the x-working tool. Here artists can be matched based on their information for their respective art forms. In addition, there is the member search on the navigation bar.

2. How do I make sure that my fans find me?

Complete your profile in all fields as much as possible. Moreover, it is recommendable to share as much as possible status messages, photos, videos and links on your public wall. Here you can share your events, projects, press releases, etc.

My Dialog to x-working
1. I have a technical problem (picture / video upload etc.) What can I do?

You can contact us any time via the contact form. We will take care of the problem.

2. What does the community for art and culture, to protect my data?

You retain full rights of your data and artworks that you post onto the platform. x-working will not sell your art and data without your agreement.