, 04. July 2017
These are the Best!

Red Dot Design Award 2017

The award ceremony of the Red Dot Award is an annual highlight of the design scene. Over 500 manufacturers showcased their high-quality products a selected 39-member jury of the "Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen e.V.". More than 1000 received a red dot at the Gala in Essen yesterday, 102 of them a special treatment. We introduce some of them out of the categories Communication Design, Product Design and Design Concept.

x-working The logo of the Red Dot Design Award, © Red Dot
The logo of the Red Dot Design Award, © Red Dot

The fire extinguisher "Saviore" by SLP Design is not necessarily identified as a fire extinguisher at first sight. The prize was awarded thanks to its habitable design and its attachment by means of magnetism. There was also the "MicroPro-Grill" by Tupperware in the field of product design. This award was provded not only due to its exceptionally successful design, the MicroPro is the first container in the world with which you can grill in the microwave. In addition, meat and fish can be fried or stewed in it. The manufacturer even promises to bake cakes in it. A truly groundbreaking product.

We stay in the kitchen. There were amazingly many Red Dots for this living area this year. The washbasin with the "C71" water tap from Hansgrohe was awarded as the water temperature and water volume can be easily adjusted on a "select button" installed at the right front area of ​​the sink. The water control can also be operated with the back of the hand or elbow, as long as you have dirty hands resulting from cooking, for example.

Moreover, there is a new, excellent innovation for spectacle wearers: The glasses of the Austrian manufacturer "Rei von Gabe". It is designed out of a water buffalo horn joint, which comes up screwless and maintenance-free as a metal-free frame.

For those who want to see more, we recommend the so-called Soilcares Soilcares warmly to you. This scanner is connected to a smartphone app. This app immediately provides advices during the scanning in terms of how to fertilize arable land best or what kind of plants are to be plant on the scanned soil the most reasonable way.

In addition, this year there were some Red Dots for the best designs in the automotive sector. The "Ferrari J50" limited edition model shone with its retro Targa autobody, reminiscent of the 1970s and 1980s, but dipped in a futuristic design. On the other hand, the "Mazda MX-5 RF" came up with a solution via which the disappearing top no longer blocks the stowage of the luggage compartment.

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