, 16. January 2016
Chinese Fashion conquers the World

Between Tradition and Modernity

A trend reveals in the major fashion shows in New York, Paris, London or Berlin: Chinese fashion design is more in demand than ever before! The charm lies in the exquisite and exotic cloth such as silk, Chinese jacquard or brocade. The fashion in fascinating colours conquers the world's catwalks.

x-working Fascinating colours, often in silk – this way Chinese fashion presents itself par excellence.
Fascinating colours, often in silk – this way Chinese fashion presents itself par excellence.

In China fashion is an equally integral part of the culture, as in other parts of the world. During the communist dictatorship in the country traditional Chinese fashion served to distinguish the different classes in society and it was considered as a sign of wealth. Here, fashion was able to develop a very long time without external, western influences into a distinctive style.

Well, after the increasing economic opening of the country, China has been taking on an important role in the fashion world. This is mainly due to the fact that the major luxury designers cannot simply neglect the country with the second largest number of billionaires. In 2015, China is predicted to provide a 20 billion-euro market for luxury products.

In the fashion capital Paris already an event named "China in Paris" takes place since 2010, which is held as part of the Paris Fashion Week, to establish networking contacts in between Chinese and the fashion capital. In this context Chinese fashion designers interlace the traditional Asian fashion style with the western modern style.

Many young designers such as Zhou Yiyang, Zhand Since, Frankie Xie or Masha Ma here establish themselves on the long run in the Western fashion industry and moved to Paris. They fight to remove the public perception of cheap Chinese textile productions. And they manage this process increasingly! "Made in China" is becoming an internationally recognized quality seal.

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