, 10. December 2017
Enchanting Good-Vibes

Review: Hang Massive

Hang Massive, the best hang-players of the world, provided plenty of good vibes in Cologne club "station Ehrenfeld" on 6th December 2017. The atmosphere inside the ethereal soundscapes was warm and enchanting.

x-working Hang Massive Autumn Tour 2017
Hang Massive Autumn Tour 2017

They have been well-known since 2011. At that time, the first Hang Massive online video "Once Again" went viral and brought the bizarre-looking UFO-shaped steel drum to consciousness of many fans. Meanwhile, the video has been viewed over 60 million times.

Hang Massive consist of Danny Cudd and Markus Offbeat. The two met in 2010 on the coasts of Goa in India. At that time, Markus was still playing percussion. After the huge success of "Once Again", the two decided to record their first album: "Beats For Your Feet". The album is based on live studio recordings in hypnotic style.

Danny and Markus have successfully brought Hang music to the global stage and took root a diverse and passionate fan base. Now they present their 10th album "Celestial Color" as well as "Distant Light" at 35 concerts in over 25 countries.

The "Autumn Tour 2017" includes some guest musicians. The opening act plays "Govardo". Govardo is the stage name for the Anglo-American duo Jack Rose & Dom Sky. The two got to know each other in rural India. Inspired by the wild nature, they started to compose enchanting songs. Only the acoustic guitar accompanies the singing. The duo is often compared to Simon and Garfunkel.

After Govardo finished the concert at the Ehrenfeld train station in Cologne, Hang Massive set off. They created an ethereal, magical mood with the play of their each three Hangs.

About halfway through the concert, singer-songwriter Victoria Grebezs took the stage. She first performed her own song "Fall to Earth" on the Hang. Together with Hang Massive, they subsequently played "Upon the Star". The highlight was the performance of a mantra. In addition, singer Shiv Nirmukta entered the stage joining in with the entire audience on the mantra.

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