, 30. July 2016
From a Truffle Search Pig Searcher to the Stage


On the occasion of the Carnival of Cultures 2016 in Berlin, x-working was on its way interviewing exciting artists. There was one band named Kesh. The young band has recently released its album "Wir". What there is to know, among other things, has betrayed us frontman and founder of the band, Max Meissner.

x-working Kesh

XW: Since when do you make music together and how did it start?
Max: Well, together as a band we make music since the beginning of 2014. Initially, it was a bit confused. That time, I had a little private album, I basically rapped but I had no one. However, I wanted to have a band because I thought it is goofy all alone on stage. In addition, I registered at the band contest Emergenza. In the policies, it was required to have a band. Then, I had four weeks to look for a band. Of course, that was incredibly difficult. Yes, and then as fate willed, I met Jan Wildeck. He is now my drummer. He must have seen me rapping somewhere some time and said, "Man, are you interested, I've got a little band and so...", and then I asked someone and another one staying still in demand and in the end, we were seven. Neither knew the other. We were in a rehearsal room preparing for the first appearance that took place four weeks later at the Fritz Club. That's how it went! Moreover, since then we make music together, have recently won some band contests, had many various appearances, and now we are here at the Carnival of Cultures.

XW: What does the name Kesh mean?
Max: The name Kesh has actually a very funny story. When I started with rap lessons, I talked to my father and told him that I necessarily need a crass rapper name. Then he said, "Call yourself MC bankruptcy ". As I asked: "Why?" He said: "Well. Do you have money?" I said: "Noo" - "…here we go", and that's why I said: "Okee, MC bankruptcy is not very cool," and then have somehow tried to turn the story a little and thought of money ... then I had cash yet written with "Ca" ... then I entered a little bit the graffiti world where one can write each name as you want. Moreover, a "Ca" turned into a "Ke" - and therefore Kesh!

XW: Please describe your music and the issues your lyrics refer to.
Max: Well, the lyrics are easy to describe, because I write them by myself. As with many other artists also, I just write many things about life, because these are the things, which I can write down and speak of authentically. Of course, there is a lot heart grief, in particular fresh love. I write anyway very much about women. In addition, we musically still wait for this Gandalf coming his way telling us what kind of music we produce. We actually mix everything what we are up for and then with rap. We do blues, we produce funk, we have pop, we have rock, we do everything what we like. And the whole project is then called Kesh. Our plan is to release CDs, of which no one knows yet what to expect.

XW: What was the greatest stage experience you had together? Can you spontaneously think of one?
Max: Recently something happened to me. To me and my singer. We use ordinary microphones with a cord. And we kept repeatedly stepping on the cord and the microphone was of course again low. That was annoying. Nevertheless, in itself, in view of the entire feeling, it was the greatest concert for us in the ASTRA Kulturhaus in Berlin. It was also during the times of Emergenza. It was our biggest dream to play at the ASTRA since all the role models played. Thus, we said, "Okay, we have to play there some time." Then we were allowed to play there, kicked up a shindy and celebrated a huge party.

XW: You recently released your new album "Wir". What can you tell me about it?
Max: What initially is very important: "Wir" is not a representation album. We are actually not a band that claims: "We are now the band Kesh and we now want to introduce ourselves". That was not the plan. The "Wir" includes everything - a partnership, a friendship, a column, but maybe a band. That is the major "Wir". 95 per cent of the tracks are about couples or about how to reach to the top from the bottom. In addition, having fun at what you do. That should include "Wir".

XW: What projects are coming up in the future?
Max: We already work on new songs. However, we take our time, because we do not just want to make run of the mill songs. We now also perform our first album live. Everywhere we can play, we play. We are very happy that we perform our very first festival this year. It will will be festival in Blankenfelde the Blankit Open Air. As we very much look forward to it. Otherwise, we take a look in terms of what is going on. We are still in the semi-finals at the SPH-band contest in November. There will happen a lot and we will accordingly perform live a lot.


Max of Kesh thinks that good is not bad and evil usually better. Earlier he wanted to become a truffle search pig searcher and this secretly seems still being his big dream. He likes to take care of his wife. If the time is not there, however, he prefers to be on stage. When asked what his contribution is to make the world a little better, he replied: "To not throw cigarettes on the street."

We say: DEAL! ... and wish Kesh still good luck in its musical career!

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