, 28. October 2016
An Instrument only for selected People

The Hang

It is a fascinating instrument with dulcet tones. The hang has a rich history and it was not possible for every artist, to acquire this exceptional instrument. We take a closer look at this instrument.

x-working Hang

Some might already have discovered the instrument on the streets in big cities, when street musicians play on it. It looks somehow like science fiction or like a Jamaican steel drum. But the hang is not a drum. It is incomparable with any instrument in the world.

The tones are generated by resonant vibrations within the sounding board. Due to the specific and unique nature of the material even at even minimal touches on the surface impressive sound sceneries result. One should never hit the hang too hard. It would immediately loose its qualities.

But back to the story. In 2001, the hang was presented to the public for the first time at the Frankfurt Musikmesse. The manufacturer is PANArt from Switzerland with its managers Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer. The instrument was rapidly adopted internationally by musicians around the world. PANArt built its hang for an international dealer network. However, the growing demand allowed the development team to arrive at the conclusion that the creative artwork process correlated with the requied freedom in question. And so it was decided in early 2006, to sell the hang of the second generation only primary ex factory from PANArt in Bern. Thereby one has to consider PANArt rather as an art studio, where the hang builders daily work on the brass sound. One could apply for an instrument from this date on. That meant one had to send a photo, one´s lifestyle and one´s intention to the hang builders by letter and they then selected 500 people who got a hang per year. If you click through the Youtube videos based on the appearance and charisma of the people you can also see, that they are from the same kind of people.

In summer 2013, the "brass sound sculptors" of PANArt presented the "Gubal", which was developed on the basis of the hang. The development of the hang was then shut down. Nowadays the PANArt team works on the aggregation of the art form "Pang", an ensemble of five Pang instruments: Gubal, Hang Gudu, Pang Sei, Pang Sai and Pang Sui.

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