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Tai Chi

Tai chi is a millennia-old fighting and movement art from China. Aspects of tai chi are sportiness and awareness, always on the basis of a possible relaxed attitude. There are different styles in tai chi. The most famous one is the tai chi yang style, which in particular puts the physical and mental relaxation to the fore.

x-working Tai Chi is popular among women, as among men.
Tai Chi is popular among women, as among men.

Movements like running water can be considered as the basis of tai chi. The kinetic energies of tai chi fit to everything, but can also be executed in a penetrative way. As agile and flexible as water, looking inwards of the movements can be so calm and stable like a mountain. That means, when one rests in a movement in tai chi, you're down to earth and centred "like a mountain", as soon as you move again, then you're like "running water".

The Chinese say: "The human is born on earth but her or his life depends on the sky". This interplay between heaven and earth is reflected in the exercise of tai chi by the yin and yang qualities. "Expand yourself (yang quality), or pull yourself back and release (yin quality)”.

It is believed in Chinese teachings, that man are "full" in the upper body, referring to the head, and that energy then often accumulates in the strained shoulder and neck area. Continuing in the direction towards the bottom, in the legs and feet, a cool, underperforming "emptiness" can get identified.

Thus the goal of tai chi is to develop a secure foothold through the exercises, which allows the people an easygoing lightness in the arm and shoulder region. This is intended to again get warm feet and a cool head.

Today, millions of people in the world practice tai chi, with individually different emphasis on the various aspects of martial arts. Tai chi is mostly applied for health reasons, for relaxation or meditation. In China, however, there are even tai chi styles, which are designed as sports for competitions.

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