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The world is a Disc, isn´t it?

Terry Pratchett and his Disc World

The disc world floats through the universe, supported by four elephants standing on a huge turtle. This is the keystone of the Disc World novels by the British fantasy writer Terry Pratchett. We do not want to deprive you of this delicacy out of the literary fantasy world and introduce the author and his world of discs he developed.

x-working The Disc World novels are translated into 37 languages and more than 85 million books were sold worldwide so far
The Disc World novels are translated into 37 languages and more than 85 million books were sold worldwide so far

The writer
Terry Pratchett was born in 1948. He was one of the most successful writers of the present age. On his numerous reading trips around the world, he filled entire halls. After Pratchett had already published his first story at the age of 13 (The Carpet People) his first disc world novel "The Colors of Magic" was published in 1983. Since then, he wrote 41 additional Disc World novels. In 1989, he received the British Fantasy Award for his novel "Pyramids". In 1998, he was nominated as Officer of the British Empire, and he became Honorary Doctor of the University of Warwick in 1999. He lived in the English county of Wiltshire with his wife Lyn. In 2015 the fantasy author died.

The Disc World
The Discworld is a world of magic and of extreme opposites. Starting from the bustling metropolis of Ankh-Morpork, the oldest city on the disc world governed with iron hand and velvet glove by the patrician Lord Vetinari, the journey leads across the old empire Klatch, which has fifteen terms for murder, across the mysterious continent XXXX and the little kingdom of Lancre to the dark Überwald, where it blusters at night. Of course, there are also numerous inhabitants of this strange world: witches like Oma Wetterwachs, Nanny Ogg and Magrat Garlic as well as a lot of wizards, dwarves, goblins and dragons.

The individual novels partly tell interrelated stories, but you can also read them in any order. However, some stories that describe people and places are much better understood and integrated in case you´d also read the other novels.

Here a list with the order of the novels for your optimized reading indulgence:

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