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What turned from the New Age Minds?

The early New Age movements of the 60s and 70s of the last century involved an apocalyptic expectation. However, since the apocalypse failed to materialize, the idea that a new era had already begun, established itself. This new era would allow the humanity to realize itself through a change in lifestyle and inner attitude.

x-working Many people experience a positive attitude towards life through meditation
Many people experience a positive attitude towards life through meditation

Even today, the idealistic followers of the New Age movement believe that a new golden age will inexorably come - an era, in which harmony, peace and common happiness will dominate the world. The followers of the New Age movement consider their crucial task in advancing the arrival of the new age with new thinking and action, esoteric life aids, holistic health approaches and spiritual creativity.

A contemporary approach are the holistic conceptions of the New Age connected with science. This is called "Deep Ecology" and "New Age Science". Deep Ecology binds spiritual practices into a philosophical collective term and provides overall reasoning strategies to explain our prevailing worldview. Deep Ecology draws on findings of recent biology, which broaches the issue of the diverse networks of ecosystems. Paul W. Taylor, professor of philosophy in New York, and a pioneer in the field of environmental ethics, explains this biocentric approach as "perspective, to consider the whole order of the biosphere of the earth as a complex but unified net of interrelated organisms, objects and events."

The position of New Age Science is the thesis that the earth is a living being. This thesis is associated with the names of the scientist David Bohm, Ilya Prigogine, David Peat and Fritjof Capra, who used their academic knowledge base in interpretations of quantum physics and biology in a populist way. In their publications they drew a holistic model of the cosmos, which wants to overcome simple causal explanations.

They basically share their search for a broader understanding of the world with mainstream physicists such as Stephen Hawking. However, while Hawking wanted to cut the ground from the belief in God and from the metaphysics, New Age Science connects the omnipresence of divinity in the cosmos.

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