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Spiritual symbiotic Community as an alternative Model Society?

The Temples of Damanhur

Damanhur is a place at the foot of the Italian Alps. Oberto Airaudi (1950 - 2013) founded the spiritual symbiotic community in the 1970s. His vision was to found a community based on solidarity, love and respect for each other and in dialogue with nature. The eco-village has become famous through the underground "Temple of Humanity". While some outsiders and dropouts consider Damanhur as a sect, the place is regarded as an alternative, functioning model society - beyond the mainstream.

x-working Damanhur is more than a spiritual community - it is an alternative life model. Pjw7 - own work
Damanhur is more than a spiritual community - it is an alternative life model. Pjw7 - own work

The spiritual community of Damanhur is widely autonomy. They have their own constitution, culture, daily newspaper, art and craft workshops, music, schools, as well as scientific-technological and medical facilities. The community even has its own currency - the Credito.

Once established with 24 supporters of Airaudi, the community now comprises 600 people. The community members are structured into four segments according to their commitment to the community. Level A members live on the Damanhur site and share all their resources. Community members of level B support with funds and live at least three days a week there. Level C and D members reside outside, but they also participate fully, for example, in the "School of Meditation". The tasks to be carried out in Damanhur are divided according to the personal nature of the community members. In this context there are the path of art, integrated technologies or the word, the path of the oracle (ritualism, music, dance), the way of the knight (volunteer services), the path of health (ecological life), the way of the monks (living alone) or the path of esoteric couples (life for two).

Damanhur reached worldwide reputation through its “Temples of Humanity”. These impressive buildings have recently been dubbed the media as the world's eighth wonder of the world. The underground building was started in 1978 under complete secrecy. However, after the Italian authorities enforced a building freeze, Damanhur's followers were able to carry on with the construction soon. Thus a fascinating temple was built, which was sculpted directly into the mountain. A labyrinth with ornate corridors leads to the impressive, glowing "Temple of Humanity". It is filled with mosaic, stained glass, sculptures, wall paintings and other fascinating colours and forms, and is intended to reflect the divine spark that is in every human being.

In 2005, the United Nations Resettlement Summit recognized Damanhur as a model for a sustainable eco-society.

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