, 11. October 2017
Breast Enlargement by Laying-on of Hands?

No! Reiki - The Power of Laying-on of Hands

Reiki has enjoyed great popularity for several years. While some consider the healing power of the hand-over as humbug, others swear by the purifying powers of life energy.

x-working Reiki lets the energies flow through the hands
Reiki lets the energies flow through the hands

What is Reiki?
Reiki is an artifact composed of the Japanese words rei (mind, soul) and ki (life energy). Through the laying-on of hands, the energy work on a body is focused on using various techniques. The Japanese Usui Mikao developed a succession in which the hands are placed on different body regions. The chakras in particular are taken into account.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the Japanese scholar Usui Mikao began to work with life energy. He bundled his knowledge and his experiences in the field of healing art. Usui passed his practical experiences on to some students. In 1921, a Reiki clinic opened in Tokyo. By the circulation based on the teacher-student principle, Reiki initially came to America. Hawayo Takata was the first Reiki Master outside of Japan. At the beginning of the 80s, the healing art form then came to Europe.

The Impact
Reiki affects the body, the mind and the soul. It supports the body in mobilizing its own defensive forces and balances the chakras and energy flows. Reiki is suitable for pain relief, for detoxification and purification. In general, it turns the receiver´s energies into a more positive state and blocks blockages.

The Reiki education is segmented into several "degrees". Each level begins with the inauguration. The "channel" through which the energy flows is to be opened through the inauguration. Traditionally, there are four degrees: in the first degree, the Reiki channel opens. In the second degree, the student is introduced to the three Reiki symbols. In the third degree (Master degree), there is an initiation to the "Master symbol" and the fourth degree, which is also called Teacher´s Degree, enables the former students themselves to teach and thus to inaugurate other people.

Scientific Studies
There are numerous studies on the effectiveness of Reiki with the most varied results. However, no real proof for its efficacy was found.

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