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Colours of Life

The Meaning of Aura Colours

It is said that the aura colours surrounding us are to provide our thoughts and feelings. At that every colour has its developed (glowing) and undeveloped (dark, matte) shades. Clear, strong, luminous tones in the aura indicate positive qualities, while dim dark and dull tones represent a lack of strength and stability. We probe the causes of the most important aura colours.

x-working The aura provides insight regarding the energy flows of people
The aura provides insight regarding the energy flows of people

Red stands for activity, vitality, energy, anger, aggression, nervousness, contentiousness and grounding. As a mood colour it may indicate sexual energies as well as vitality, extroversion, well-being and happiness.

Yellow indicates spirituality, many trains of thought, clarity of mind, knowledge or even distraction. As a mood colour yellow appears whenever someone is focused and mentally strained. Reading, writing and other activities require concentration and always cause a yellow aura starting from the left brain.

Orange suggests feelings and emotions. Orange means vitality, power, sexuality, creativity and humour. On the other hand a dull orange refers to selfishness and pride.

If the entire aura is flooded with green, a person behaves more distanced and withdraws. Mostly a strong green aura results as of lack of sleep. A very bright green stands for a relationship with nature and healing energies, whereas a very dark green is a sign of dishonesty and falsehood.

Blue as a mood colour represents integrity, sensitivity and points to a positive life attitude. Usually the desire for advancement drives people with a blue aura. Deep blue indicate spirituality and inspiration.

The colour violet appears mostly only on the edges of the aura. It is typical for people who follow a firm belief. Bishops wear purple robes to turn their spiritual calling outwards.

White appears in the aura, when the person has intuitive insights. Black opposed to white rather merges with other colours to emphasize its negativity.

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