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The Secret Doctrine in the mystical Tradition of Judaism

The Kabbalah

Have you ever seen someone in your circle of friends and acquaintances who wears a red thread around the wrist? The red thread is to remind Kabballah proponents on how to find true fulfilment in life. Just the sight of the red thread is to prevent negative thoughts. What is Kaballah and what do their followers believe? We go further into these questions.

x-working The Kabbalah consists of many secret psalms from the Jewish tradition.
The Kabbalah consists of many secret psalms from the Jewish tradition.

The fundament of kabbalistic traditions is the human search for the experience of a direct relationship with God. Since the Kabbalah has developed for centuries by oral traditions, there are various kabbalistic writings and schools that have no verifiable teaching content. So there is no general kabbalistic doctrine. Kaballah is to bring the meaning of life across to people. It should explain why we were created and where we come from. Learning the Kabbalah is not only theoretically possible. It is based on practical experiences, which we make in the course of our lives. Always with the goals to understand our lives better and to recognize our nature.

But where does the wisdom of Kabbalah come from? It is a Jewish mystical theory, a philosophy and a secret doctrine of the 12th century. The Kabbalah was initially created especially among the Jews of the Rhineland in Germany. Jewish ideology merged with mystical speculations about the one God and its world. The Jewish scholars of that time studied the Torah and the Talmud for many years in order to then derive their own ideas about the Jewish esotericism. So, they wrote this down. Abraham the Patriarch published a book more than 4,000 years ago named: "Sefer Yetzira" (The Book of Creation). Another important book is "The Book of Zohar" from the second century before our time reckoning. In the 20th century works of Kabbalist Yehuda Ashlag turned up. His kabbalistic texts deal with the structure of the “Higher Worlds” and how our universe was created. Ashlag`s texts are suitable best for our generation to understand the Kabbalah. He wrote extensive comments on basic kabbalistic writings "Etz Chaim" (Tree of Life) of Isaac Luria and the Zohar.

Madonna, David Beckham, Britney Spears or Demi Moore - all of them were or are followers of this mystical tradition of Judaism. Nevertheless, studying and internalizing the doctrine is still even for the vast majority of Jews not an easy task. Theosophy is an attempt to accept the world as God's development. And so international "Kabbalistic Circles" increasingly establish in order to pursue this development.

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