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The Spirituality of a millenary Teaching


Buddhists can be proud: Their religion has spread around the world without use of force, without holy wars, inquisitions or bloody persecution. Exactly this is what makes Buddha teaching for more and more people around the world that interesting and what let´s its followers increase day by day.

x-working The Buddha with the name Gautama Siddharta is the historical figure on which Buddhism was founded
The Buddha with the name Gautama Siddharta is the historical figure on which Buddhism was founded

Buddhism originated by Gautama Siddharta on the Indian subcontinent. The 35-year-old is said to have attained a succession of findings through an experience of "awakening", which enabled him to formulate the Buddhist teachings. Basis for this Buddhist practice and theory are the "Four Noble Truths":

1. Life is usually characterized by suffering (dukkha) through birth, age, sickness and death.

2. This suffering is caused by the three poisons greed, hatred and delusion.

3. Future suffering cannot result by avoiding these causes, instead happiness appears.

4. The means for avoiding suffering and thus for the development of fortune can be found in the exercises of the "Noble Eightfold Path".


The fourth noble truth shows the way for the abolition of suffering. It is the middle way between greedy pleasure and ascetic hardness, which leads to happiness.

The "right perspective" is the recognition and appreciation of the Four Noble Truths. It includes the view that “the self" is not an own substance and that there is no lasting happiness in life. The "right- willing" refers to the liberation of desire and hatred. Benevolence should be practiced and injury of living beings should get turned away. The "right speech" avoids lies, slander and useless talk. It encourages others for healing. The "right doing" avoids killing, stealing and sexual debauchery. Who violates "right action" as a monk has to leave his order. The "right life" means to carry on a profession without to harm someone else. The trade of weapons, creatures, meat, poison and intoxicants is prohibited. The "right effort" seeks to curb the senses and prevents emotional impulses which might be in meditation´s way. The "right mindfulness" means to perceive the entire human body with all its peculiarities and to conduct awareness. The "right meditation" is then the goal of the "Noble Eightfold Path". In meditation the human being then arrives at intelligence and freedom, suffering can be overcome.

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