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What brings us Fate?


Astrology assumes that a relationship between the movement of celestial bodies and happenings on earth can be seen. Fate and character of people are to be determined from the position of the stars at her or his birth. What are the different types of astrology, and what do they tell about the life of every human being?

x-working Astrology deals with the positions of the stars in astrological signs.
Astrology deals with the positions of the stars in astrological signs.

Classical astrology originated 4,000 years ago in Babylon and Egypt. Originally it was about the observation of the stars with respect to agriculture and the weather forecast. Later, astrology came to Greece, where at the time of Aristotle meteorology developed as an independent science. In the modern era then the elimination of astronomy took place. After the ecclesiastical prohibition of astrology the Arabs then brought back the knowledge of astrological forecast and character analysis to Europe.

Many astrologers work with horoscopes. To create them you need the date of birth, the place of birth and the exact time of birth of a person. The interpretation of these data on the basis of the underlying constellation is an art style. Astrology is a complex experience system, which requires an energetic backlink to its source. To create a good horoscope knowledge, logic, intuition and talent are required.

Even in different cultural tribes, astrology is applied. Chinese astrology relates closely to the Chinese calendar. The Chinese signs of the zodiac, despite the fact that they are a dozen, do not have any relation to the western zodiac signs, they stand for one year each in the Chinese horoscope. The Indian or Vedic astrology is called “Jyotisha”. The Indian astrology includes many fixed stars in their interpretations and prefers real constellations. The twelve zodiac signs are also used in Indian astrology, and have even similar names. The “Karma Astrology” is a form of astrology that draws statements about former incarnations. Karma considerations through astrology primarily use the ascending and descending lunar node and retrograde planets.

Other kinds of astrology are “Numerology” and “Psychological Astrology”. "Tell me your name and I'll tell you who you are". According to Numerology does the name disclose determination and life's work. Each letter in the name bears a numerical value that numerologists may decrypt. Psychological Astrology describes individual characteristics, behavioural patterns and development processes.

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