Esotericism + Spiritualism

All about the inner spiritual ways of perception.

Spiritualism and esotericism deal with questions regarding meaning and values of existence, the world and the people. Especially one´s own existence and self-realization in life is considered here.

Esotericism & Spiritualism - a first overview

Spirituality does not have to be necessarily referred to in a denominational sense as a religious attitude to life of people. It describes the search for a higher truth and refers to an intangible, not tangible sensual reality, which nevertheless leads to realization. Perspectives of life, based on the fact that forces and influences exist outside of scientific worldviews, are assigned to esotericism. It denotes a religious secret knowledge.

Esotericism nowadays is a collective term for ideological streams having in common that correlations are explained from spiritual, metaphysical point of view and that they reject a purely scientific perspective. Here, styles are astrology, geomancy, the occult, magic, tarot, pendulums, dowsing, numerology and some methods of alternative medicine such as homeopathy, reiki, aura soma, Bach flowers, psycho kinesiology, feng shui and crystal therapy. Esotericism has evolved into a world view that considers itself as all-encompassing and universal religious, and that unites the “original knowledge“ of all religions, wisdom traditions and esoteric research investigations.

Spirituality exists in all religions. However, it not only covers religious rituals, but expresses itself through the spirituality in everyday life. Even small things can get a religious significance, and thus contribute to  faith. In earlier times, esoteric ideas were common knowledge. Higher knowledge was handed over via priests, initiates or shaman. Exchange yourself in the community about higher knowledge and let it become common again. Meet new contacts and read exciting articles  in the magazine!

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