, 20. March 2017
More than Currywurst and Doner Kebab

Street Food conquers the World!

The street food trend has a lock on Berlin. It all began in 2013 with the first international street food market "Street Food Thursday" in Markthalle 9 in Kreuzberg´s Wrangelkiez. Whereas the licensing procedure in Berlin is rather difficult for the rolling kitchen trucks, more and more street food markets establish itselves in the capital, just like the dominical “Street Food auf Achse” event.

x-working Street Food auf Achse in the courtyard of the Kulturbrauerei, © Ketering GmbH
Street Food auf Achse in the courtyard of the Kulturbrauerei, © Ketering GmbH

Berlin is young, creative and international. Since a couple of years, young chefs have been trying out street food markets all over the city. This approach does not need expensive restaurants. The young cooks rent or buy a truck, build it around and frizzle inside for all one's worth. Therefore, expenses are relatively low, so food can also be sold cheaper.

Street food is already known worldwide in metropolises such as London or New York. In Asia, particularly in Thailand, China or Vietnam, the mobile kitchens have been a basic part of the street scene for a long time. In Italy, the old tradition continues with the Porchetta mobiles. In 2008, street food then became a trend in Los Angeles. In the times of the financial crisis, celebrity chefs from luxury restaurants thought about how they could offer fresh, affordable food down in the streets.

In addition to the Street Food Thursday in the Markthalle Neun in Kreuzberg, the event "Street Food auf Achse" established itself in the Kulturbrauerei in Prenzlauer Berg since 2015. Every Sunday, young international chefs indulge the treats of the guests. Gnocchi with sage butter, korokke, Indonesian murtabak, mini pies or muffles with foam filling are beeing offered. There are no limits to the taste and to the imagination of the cooks. New spots are beeing added regularly.

In addition to the Berlin weekly markets, other places are also a daily stopover for the popular street food. From May onwards, the Bite Club on the grounds of the Arena in Treptow will again have a lot to offer. Street food is already an integral part on the Winterfeldtplatz in Schöneberg. In Neukölln, the Schillermarkt attracts with culinary pleasures and in Wedding, you will find the one or the other delicacies on the Brunnenmarkt.

Of course, street food has also arrived in other cities of Germany and enjoys increasing enthusiasm. For example, last weekend a big street food festival took place in the Potsdam Lustgarten. A "Street Food Friday" takes place in the Hall of Taste in Munich every first Friday of the month. Moreover, in Cologne, a street food festival is beeing celebrated on the Helios site at the first weekend in April.

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