, 28. February 2016
Just Salad or even a lot more?

The Hype about the Vegan Cuisine

One often claims that vegans only eat grains, lettuce and only cook with aroma liberated ingredients. Vegans often laugh at this. We put together great tips for vegan cooking and investigate what it actually means to be a vegan.

x-working Grilled vegetables is appetizingly a treat for vegans.
Grilled vegetables is appetizingly a treat for vegans.

Who lives vegan in general renounces all foods or products that come from animals: Meat and fish, dairy products, eggs and honey. In addition, leatherwear is not worn. Most people thinking of vegan lifestyle imagine pale faces that suffer from a lack of nutrients. That is not true to this extent. There are now countless "substitutes" for milk, eggs, meat and fish. One finds cereals, legumes, nuts, vegetables and a countless variety of spices and herbs in vegan recipes.

Here vegans should always be careful to choose their food sources considered. For example, dairy products are important protein sources that contain vital amino acids. The human body cannot produce these sources itself. Thus, soy products are an important substitute for dairy products in vegan recipes. Calcium providers are, next to soy products, in particular nuts and dark green vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, mangold or kale. Vegans get zinc from wholemeal products, legumes, sesame and pumpkin seeds. Vitamin B12 is part of relatively few plant foods. Here Sauerkraut can be well used. With iron, it is a special issue. The body, opposed to animal products, can ingest this worse. In combination with vitamin C-containing vegetables or fruits such as cabbage, fennel, sprouts, peppers and mango, kiwi or sea buckthorn the ingestion of iron works equally well.

As in the vegan kitchen, plenty of fruits and vegetables get snipped, good knives, peelers and graters are beneficial. Also good mashers for making dips or soups enrich the work in vegan cooking. Moreover, a varied blend of spices matters in vegan cuisine. Coriander and cumin seed - just to name a few, belong to a well-stocked vegan spice rack. What is missing is the sweetness in vegan cuisine. Because honey is also not used, agave syrup or maple syrup are used here as an alternative.

One can conjure excellent vegan dishes with these various ingredients. Withal, the variety of vegan restaurants that currently establish on the market show that a vegetarian lifestyle is much more than just hype.

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