, 28. February 2016
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Do you know the real Idea behind Slow Food?

Slow Food sounds kind for deceleration and conscious diet. Therefore, Slow Food by definition is trendy in today's hectic world. However, what is behind the idea of ​​Slow Food. Where does the term come from and what are the criteria for the transformation of fast food?

x-working Fresh, regional and especially healthy products are the ideas behind Slow Food.
Fresh, regional and especially healthy products are the ideas behind Slow Food.

Let us look back at the origins of Slow Food. The movement evolved in 1986 as an organization due to the opening of a McDonald’s branch in Rome. The Italian journalist Carlo Petrini allied with editors of the daily newspaper Il Manifesto and organized a public protest meal with traditional Italian food at the Spanish Steps in Rome. Today, about 80,000 counted members participate in the association Slow Food. The logo of Slow Food is the apple snail, chosen as a symbol for slowness.

The goals of Slow Food are defined in detail in a statement of the organization. The indulgence takes centre stage. Every person has a right to enjoy. The quality of the food takes time. The ecological, regional, sensual and aesthetic characteristics of the products would be prerequisites for the enjoyment.

The organization has now spawned regional associations around the world focussing on educational work in view of the variety of issues such as the risks of fast food as well as industrially produced and modified food or factory farming and agricultural factories. At the same time, different events such as the so-called Schnippeldiskos, Eat-ins, cooking actions or cooking workshops are offered. At these events, young chefs, farmers, artists, food artisans or simply interested parties clear up about the diversity of taste and thus sharpen the awareness concerning regional food specialties.

Slow Food even founded a world’s first University of Gastronomic Sciences. Here you can study, for example, "Food Culture of Communications" or "New Gastronomy Entrepreneurship".

Long forgotten cheeses or wines from outlying areas - Slow Food teaches regional thinking, retains the respect for traditions and whets your appetite for recipes and food that often goes down in today's abundance of craze in the low-cost society.

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