, 26. October 2016
The best Chefs in the World of School “Le Cordon Bleu”

Cooking as Art Form

Cooking well is not only to learn how to hack vegetables or meat roasts. Culinary skills are truly required: To examine and to understand the entire history of cooks, you need to reflect the philosophy of the cuisine. One of the best cooking schools is “Le Cordon Bleu”, at which future chefs get globally educated.

x-working The symbol of cooking schools - the blue ribbon.
The symbol of cooking schools - the blue ribbon.

The origin of school is an elite knight order, which was founded in the year 1578. Each of the noble men of this community had the Cross of the Holy Ghost with him, on which a blue ribbon was attached. In addition to their military exploits the Order of Fame held luxury and extravagant feasts, which were called "Cordon Bleu". The current owner of the school is Andre Cointreau, who bought the school in 1984. Today the cooking school "Le Cordon Bleu" maintains four dozen branches in different countries. The best of these are the offices in Paris and London.

People who dreamed all their life to become a chef are accepted, but also those who cook with a particular passion. A course usually consists of three stages. In the first stage, students learn theory and history of cooking terms. The practical training begins in the second stage to get to know the "haute cuisine" in the third stage and to create own menus. Overall, there are two sections: Gastronomy and confectionery. Here the Paris school has a more stringent attitude towards her students, even the washing is necessary. The students can take home all cooked meals. In London the same dishes are created by special staff.

The cooking school "Le Cordon Bleu" has its own rules and rituals that are taught from the first day of study on by the help of more than 80 professional mentors - chefs of restaurants in the world elite.

The offices and classrooms are divided into large kitchen, table and stove. In mirrors, which are mounted above the students, the contents of the dishes are displayed, presenting the topic of the next lesson. The education costs amount to round about 5,000 pounds. But it is worth it!

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