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, 26. September 2017
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Steve Martin's long awaited Album

Many did not know - the talented actor and comedian Steve Martin is an equally talented songwriter and musician. His passion is the musical direction Bluegrass, which is a sub-part to the genre country music. Now Martin has just released his album "The Long-Awaited Album".

x-working Steve Martin with tablet and his banjo, © Forrest L. Smith
Steve Martin with tablet and his banjo, © Forrest L. Smith

Steve Martin has performed into the hearts of his audience as an actor and as a stand-up comedian. We all know him from films like "Planes, Trains and Automobiles" or "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid". He already three times was moderator of the Oscar ceremony. In 2014, he received the Academy Honorary Award for his life's work.

He already gained glory as a stand-up comedian in 1976. For 10 years, he stood for the successful comedy broadcast Saturday Night Live in front of the camera. A total of 25 times - more than any other celebrity - he worked for the Sketchshow, 15 times as a host. However, he never belonged to the ensemble.

As a teenager, he taught himself autodidactically to play banjo. He slowly played his vinyl records and clipped the banjo. Today, he is proficient in playing the banjo. Martin has won several Grammys in the category "Bluegrass and American Roots". What followed was the admission to the National Four-String Banjo Hall of Fame in 2015.

So now, his long-awaited album was published, which is full of self-irony. His musical journey takes us to a world full of little stories that humorously portray a variety of characters and moody details. The 72-year-old is plucking his banjo so perfectly that the accompanying lyrics provide the stories an incredible depth.

In the past, Steve Martin has already worked with Dolly Parton and Earl Scruggs. For Broadway he wrote the play "Bright Star" with Edie Brickell and released an album. Steve Martin is a perfect instrumentalist as well as an excellent songwriter. It is worth listening to the new album "The Long-Awaited Album"!

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