, 01. October 2016
About Comics and the Tradition of Italian Aperitivos

Sonia Brex

During the Carnival of Cultures 2016 in Berlin x-working was on its tour conducting interviews with exciting artists. One of them is Sonia Brex who often fascinates the audience with her one-woman show. The native Italian has an alter ego in the form of the cartoon character "Ms Brex" and throws successful after-work happenings named "Aperix".

x-working Sonia Brex
Sonia Brex

x-working: When and how did you start making music?
Sonia: I've always made music. My family were music lovers of opera. We always were in the opera once a month. I then started to play the piano, previously flute already at school. Later I studied music professionally since the age of 19. I then came to Berlin and have been launching solo projects with electronics, computers and production.

x-working: You originally come from Italy. When and why did you come to Berlin?
Sonia: Fall of the Wall. For us as an artist and musician, Berlin always was a special city. Back then, we made so many things. We organized ourselves, we had a label. We were very young, but we have been very active. Then there was the fall of the wall, and we really wanted to come here to take a closer look at this. Then I stayed!

x-working: Do you compose all your songs yourself?
Sonia: Yes, I compose and produce myself. This is why it sometimes takes longer releasing my albums… This is usually a lot of work.

x-working: Please describe your music and the topics of your texts.
Sonia: I think my music more and more stood out from the roots in recent years. A little funk, a bit of jazz are always there. In addition, of course, a bit electronic. The lyrics are often about the environment, what's happening. These unpleasant things. Just as the last song, I have sung today: "Excuse me" where I am sorry for everything we people break on this planet. I often discuss these issues. Also personal issues. My next album, for example, is called "Around Love". Because it is not just necessarily about relationships. It is about what love means for humanity.

x-working: You have the cartoon character "woman Brex" as your alter ego. It was initially used in the music video for "NAIF". How did the idea that you represent a cartoon character evolve?
Sonia: I am a huge lover of comic characters. I grew up with "La Linia" by Osvaldo Cavandoli. It was an Italian. Moreover, I then by chance found Cava on Myspace. He was a drawer and a great artist. I wrote him. He was about 80 and still had a Myspace account. His assistant replied who then became the drafter for “Ms Brex”. We have talked about it and he provided me a cartoon made from a photo. I thought that was great and immediately thought "Hey come on, we make a video".

x-working: Furthermore, you throw "Aperix" evenings. What are these events?
Sonia: You know in Italy we make Aperitivos. That meeting after work. You meet, you talk, you can hear good music, and you eat delicious things, drinking good wines. I always wanted to have this in Berlin, because I miss that. That is why I started to organize something.

x-working: And where do the events take place?
Sonia: Always elsewhere.

x-working: What is planned for the future?
Sonia: I have a great project about Dadaism this year. Because yes, 100 years Dadaism is celebrated. It is an audio-visual project and called "DadaUnser". I hope to bring fantastic video artists to Berlin soon. We are about to cut a video. It is quite spectacular because the projections are very strong and artistically. This is rather created for a different clientele, because it is not directly pop. However, who knows how it will then develop.


Sonia thinks that the good results from beeing a good person. She herself always tries to keep up the dialogue and not to be resentful. Evil often results from stupidity. She previously wanted to be ballerina. Dancing and singing were her great passions. However, drawing was one of the favourite pastimes in her childhood. Today, she likes to spend her time in nature. Her favourite place is located in a small town in Kroation: Romin. This small town is a fantastic place. When asked what her contribution is to make the world a better around, Sonia said, "I want to make the world a little better with my lyrics. Providing people a positive input. "

Along these lines, we would like to thank Sonia Brex for the interview and wish success with the new album, and the "Aperix" evenings in Berlin.

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