New York
, 28. February 2016
Gone to the Dogs?

The Performance Artist Laurie Anderson

The queen of the New York performance scene Laurie Anderson recently invited dogs and its lordlings and mistresses to the usually deserted Time Square at midnight. Here she gave a concert specifically for the four-legged friends. And her just published film and soundtrack "Heart of a Dog" hypothesizes that the artist is more than ever gone to the dogs.

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"Midnight Moment" – Laurie Anderson gave the concert for dogs at New York's Time Square this name. Thus, the 68-year-old once again impressively demonstrated that she loves dogs. As early as in 2010 the musician and performance artist gave a concert for the four-legged friends in front of the Sydney Opera House as part of the Vivid Light Festival.

Here in New York it was freezing that night. The dogs were wrapped in coats or were courted in protected buggies to the concert. Only the invited dogs from the NYPD had to walk. Then Laurie Anderson took the stage. She started to play on the Tape Bow Violin she developed. This instrument creates sounds in certain frequency ranges, so that only dogs could hear the gentle music. To make it happen that also the lordlings and mistresses could listen to the sound, the team around Laurie provided special headphones. At the end of the concert, a three-minute trailer of Anderson's new film "Heart of a Dog" was shown.

The acclaimed music and performance artist dedicates this film her husband Lou Reed who died in 2013. The couple were together for 21 years. Anderson described her husband as her home. The film is Laurie Anderson's presentation about love and death. The starting point of the story is the leave-taking of her beloved terrier Lola Belle. The love for her dog meant a lot for the artist - it was the common dog with her husband. Through the spirit of Lola Belle the artist processes her childhood, the music, her life as an artist and her beliefs. The use of own compositions, animations and 8 mm films about her family create a wonderful, dream-like carpet of love and loss.

The poetic, dream-like sounding movie "Heart of a Dog" has been nominated for an Oscar this year. Anderson´s tender film collage as a trailer will still be shown throughout January 2016 on a giant billboard on the Times Square every evening from 11:57 pm until midnight.

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