, 10. March 2017
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Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds tour Europe

Just last year, Nick Cave presented his emotional album "Skeleton Tree" with his band The Bad Seeds. On 5th May 2017, their best-of album "Lovely Creatures" will be published. With both albums, the band will now be on tour across Europe in the autumn of 2017.

x-working Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds live , (c) Nick Cave
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds live , (c) Nick Cave

Nick Cave is a world star, although he has backed off from mainstream business except for his flirtatiousness "Love the Wild Roses Grow" in 1996. The Australian, who has been addicted to heroin for years, is now clean and still accelerates in his genre. That is not as a matter of course, after what has happened in the past years.

In July 2015, Nick Cave suffered a fatal blow of fate. His son Arthur died at the age of 15 years through a fall off a 20-meter-high rock in Brighton. Arthur and his twin brother Earl are the children from Cave's first marriage to Susie Bick. Both children appeared in the 2014 film portrait "20,000 Days On Earth" telling Nick Cave's life from a retrospective point of view.

Normally after such a tragic incidence, one would have expected a break from the musician. Nevertheless, Nick Cave surprised with the announcement that he had produced a new album in 2016. Not enough, he let shoot the camera with him. The album "Skeleton Tree" now plays a very special role in the life of the musician. One day before the release last year in September, fans could already listen to the songs in the film of Andrew Dominik "One More Time With Feeling". The film ran in 800 cinemas worldwide.

At times, the band hold itself back with the presentation of the tracks. This is to be changed now on the tour. They already toured Australia. Here, the band played almost any new piece of the new album.

Nick Cave and founding member Mick Harvey, who were actively supported by the current Bad Seeds members, compiled of the songs for the best-of album „Lovely Creation“. The album is available in four different formats, next to the double CD as a 3CD with DVD and as a triple vinyl. Moreover, there is a limited Super Deluxe 3CD edition containing of a two-hour DVD with concert performances, interviews and published material plus a bound book with original essays and private photos of the former and current band members.

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