, 28. May 2016
Warm, Hearty and Melodious

Matt Ward

There are thousands of singer-songwriters, as with almost any art. Therefore, it depends on the skill: You need a special voice or a particularly delicate guitar playing. Alternatively, best both. Matt Ward provides both, for sure!

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Matt Ward is a fantastic singer-songwriter. An entertainer with an acoustic guitar and sensitive songs: “My heart is always on the line”, “I`ve travelled all kinds of places”, “The song is always the same”, or “Got lonesome fuel of fire”. This way or something like that sound the songs of M. Ward. Yet they have something heartbreaking you want to keep on listening. His voice sounds as if it comes out of a thirties-radio device. Moreover, the successful folk and country singer named his first, successful album "Transistor Radio" in 2005.

His music sounds a little retro, perhaps a bit dusted, but relaxed and with a penchant for sardonic sadness. Wikipedia claims, this style is called Alternative Country, or maybe Neo Blues, possibly Retro Folk. Many know M. Ward from the duo "She & Him", where he teams up with the actress and Indie it girl Zooey Deschanel. With her, he published the album "Volume One" in March 2008, the album "Volume Two" in April 2010 and in May 2013, they released "Volume 3".

M. Ward was born in 1973 in Ventura County in California. Here, alongside with Granddaddy singer Jason Lytle he recorded "Swing Like A Metronome". The band was called Rodriguez. After the Rodriguez album, the talented guitarist moved to Chicago, where he recorded some songs with a 4-track recorder. He traveled onwards, and met Howe Gelb of Giant Sand in Portland. Gelb loved M. Ward´s demo tape and allowed him to release his debut album "Duet for Guitars # 2" on his "Ow Om" label in 2000.

After other moderately successful albums then "Transistor Radio" was released in 2005, which was supported by companioned artists such as Vic Chesnutt, Howe Gelb and band members of PJ Harvey and Rilo Kiley. The album was very successful. Ward made it as pros act on Norah Jones´ tour, with who he toured many cities in 2007.

The lyrics of his new album "More Rain" are about earlier times, of old tales of love and sorrow. About the person who has stretched out the girl-friend, and about the rope that the helicopter is to lower down to escape from this hole. However, the emphasize is not that much on the texts. One can listen to his Southern California Blues forever while looking pensive in one´s wineglass thinking of anything nice from earlier times. M. Ward produces great music!

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