, 28. May 2016
About Folk Music from the Heart of Colombia

Las Áñez

On the Carnival of Cultures 2016 in Berlin X-Working was on its tour and interviewed exciting artists. Among them are the twin sisters Juanita and Valentina Las Añez. The two currently travel all over Germany and work on new songs in a creative process on tour.

x-working Las Áñez
Las Áñez

XW: Since when do you produce music and how did is start?
Las Añez: We´ve always produced music. We are twins and we have always liked to sing, especially at home. Then we decided to make the music to our profession. And, this is what we now do here in Berlin.

XW: Please describe your music and the topics your lyrics are about.
Las Añez: Our music has Latin American influences. The main component are the voices. We actually call it Latin American songs. It contains of influences coming from folk, but there are also contemporary influences. The lyrics are about a lot of topics. We have no direction, but every song is about something else. There is a song about a doll, a song about Colombia, a song about feelings and anything like that.

XW: In your surnames, there is the name Rothmann. Which connection do you have to Germany?
Las Añez: Yes, our second name is Rothmann, because our grandfather was German. He was born here, next to Berlin. Then, he moved to Colombia because the war and married a Colombian. And that is why we are a mix of different cultures.

XW: Do you live here or in Colombia?
Las Añez: We live in Colombia. We are now the second time in Berlin. Once we were here for holiday. Now we produce music here for six months. We compose a part of our new songs here. We also play in different locations.

XW: For that, you are only here for the second time, your German is very good.
Las Añez: Yes, we made an exchange earlier. Everyone lived in Germany for one year. I was in Hannover and Valentina was in Karlsruhe. We had a host family. That is why we can speak some German.

XW: Do you compose your songs all yourself?
Las Añez: Yes, we do everything ourselves also the arrangements.

XW: What kind of projects do you plan?
Las Añez: The idea is to release the new songs. We plan to record a CD and play a lot.

XW: When will you play your upcoming concerts?
Las Añez: Our next concert is at the Fête de la Musique on June 21st in Hannover in the Historical Museum. On July 5th, we will sing in the Ibero-American Institute in Berlin, and on 16th July in the Haus der Kulturen der Welt with our band Bituin. We still run this other band with Latin influences. I hope we will meet there!


Juanita considers the sun as the good and the evil in nothingness. She wanted to be a singer earlier already and has already preferred to sing in her childhood. Their favourite place worldwide is their native Colombia.

In this spirit we wish Las Añez all the best and much success on their tour through Germany.

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