, 28. November 2015
The Angel with the hoarse Voice

Introducing the Israelian singer Asaf Avidan

At the latest since 2012, Asaf Avidan is a world star. With his hit "One Day Reckoning Song" the artist achieved international success. On Youtube, the clip of the song has been viewed more than 160 million times. Here Avidan owes his success to a hitherto unknown DJ from Berlin.

x-working Asaf Avidan is a humble artist - his trademark his hoarse voice. Picture (c) by Ojoz Yutaka
Asaf Avidan is a humble artist - his trademark his hoarse voice. Picture (c) by Ojoz Yutaka

Reckoning Song, so called One Day in its original version from 2008, was originally a piece with a simple acoustic guitar accompaniment. It was written by Avidan and his previous band The Mojos and performed on minor tours throughout Israel and Europe. A fan of Avidan, DJ Wankelmut from Berlin, underlaid the track with an electronic beat – which way the success story began. The melancholy voice of Asaf Avidan and the striking house beats are a perfect match. First up in all clubs and played up and down, the track ended up at Sony, and became a number one hit in the international charts.

"Bob Dylan and Janis Joplin made a baby together," it said in the international press about his hoarse voice. However, the idiosyncratic artist would not like to fit into any cliché. His calm demeanor actually does not fit that well in the club scene at all. Nevertheless, this is where he arrived due to his exceptional voice and his success based on Wankelmut. Initially, Avidan even wanted to prevent the release of the song. He still considers the alienation of his music as a loss of control.

After three albums, which the artist published together with his band The Mojos, in 2011 they announced an artistic break, but which subsequently ended up as the dissolution of the band. At the end, they finally released a common DVD named “Final Stages” to pay homage to the common time they had. Since then, Asaf Avidan takes on solo albums and tours all over the world. Currently, in 2015 the angel with the husky voice travels on his summer and festival tour throughout Europe with his latest album Gold Shadow.

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