, 28. February 2016
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Dom La Nena

Dominique Pinto is a 25-year-old cellist and singer. Her artist name Dom La Nena means cathedral - the little girl. She got this nickname as a young prodigy who was surrounded by older people. Her tunes sound dreamy, quietly. Still, her style is self-conscious. She is still widely unknown across Europe. This will surely change in the near future.

x-working Dom La Nena, photo credit: Jeremiah
Dom La Nena, photo credit: Jeremiah

Dominique Pinto was born in Porto Alegre, Brazil, in 1989. At the tender age of five, she first got piano lessons. Three years later, she switched to the cello. When she was eight years old, her parents moved with her to Paris, France. Her father here sought on his doctorate. Five years later, the family moved back to Brazil. The girl Dominique wrote letters to the acclaimed American cellist Christine Walevska. The "Queen of the Cello" encouraged Dom to come to her to Buenos Aires, to study playing cello. Her parents finally allowed it, and so Dom moved to Argentina and played for years under the teaching of Walevska cello.

At the age of 18, Dom returned to Paris. Here she then played her first major pop gig with Jane Birkin in "Le Palace" on 10th March 2009. Afterwards Dom La Nena went on tour with Birkin for the next two years. After Birkin`s international tour the cellist began to work on her first album "Ela". The singer-songwriter Piers Faccini allowed Dom to use his studio in the Cevennes Mountains in France. In less than a week she recorded her songs. Faccini additionally interlaced some instruments on Dom`s tracks and her debut album "Ela" was born.

Her pop music oriented alongside the cello is influenced by the styles of the places Dom La Nena visited. The songs always show a certain wistfulness. She sings in Portuguese, Spanish, French and English. In 2015 her new album "Soyo" was released which sounds even warmer and more beautiful compared to her debut "Ela". The first track "La Nena Soy Yo" is a lively, sweet singing with clarinet and ukulele. This song reminds on her other songs, coyly and confident at the same time. If you watch her playing live on stage, as she uses the cello and the rhythms, and as her vocal loops - Dom La Nena enchants her audience. We hope to get further positive vibrations from this talented singer-songwriter in the future.

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