, 13. October 2016
Grammy Winner of the Best Historical Album 2016

Bob Dylan

"The Basement Tapes Complete: The Bootleg Series Vol. 11" won the major US music award "Grammy" in the category "Historical Album" on 15th February, 2016. With this not for the first time it becomes clear that Bob Dylan is one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century. A biography.

x-working Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan

Robert Allen Zimmerman was born in Duluth, Minnesota in 1941. As a child, he autodidactically learns playing the piano and the guitar and listens to the music of country, folk and rock 'n' roll. After his graduation, he takes on studying music, which he, however, never completes. In 1961, Zimmermann went to New York to meet his idol Woody Guthrie. At this time, he already staged under the name Bob Dylan. Dylan did small times in many cafes of Greenwich Village and played his repertoire carefully, which preferably consisted of Guthrie pieces. The major label Columbia took notice of the folk singer. Moreover, although the thin 21-year-old did not quite fit into the image of Columbia with his rasping voice and the little elegant guitar style, Bob Dylan received his first recording contract. His second album "The Freewhelin`Bob ​​Dylan" with hits such as "Blowin` In The Wind", "Masters Of War" and "A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall" inspired the young protest movement in America and made the young Bob Dylan to a megastar of this time. The subsequent tour with the folk singer Joan Baez made the young singers known nationally.

Bob Dylan's songs "With God On Our Side" and "Only A Pawn In Their Game" describe a changing world and could be heard on the protest marches and events worldwide. Nevertheless, Bob Dylan disliked his stylizing to an icon. He already retired at this time more and more. Meanwhile married and a father the singer hoped to become forgotten. Then, after the protest wave subsided, he participated in the western stripe "Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid" (1973) as an actor. Dylan wrote the soundtrack for the film, which again made an impact. The track "Knockin` On Heaven´s Door" catapulted him to the top of the charts.

Up in the 80s it again became calm around Dylan. His wife left him, he turned to Christianity and recorded albums with religious backgrounds. In the late 80s, Dylan then joined the super group "Traveling Wilburys" that went on a worldwide concert tour. The "Neverending Tour" lasted until the new millennium.

Bob Dylan rarely gives interviews and once banned the press to photograph him. Yet he loves the stage as before. In April this year, he starts his Japan tour with his band. We hope that we will hear a lot more about the 74-year-old singer-songwriter-legend!

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