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The most Exciting Erotic Museums in the World

A legend claims that the largest collection of erotic art is to be found in the Vatican. However, there is no evidence for the existence of such a large collection. Whereas the probably worldwide largest collection of erotica is to be found in the research organization of the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction at Indiana University / USA. We have compiled for you the most exciting erotic museums that are accessible for everyone.

x-working The Museum of Sex in the 233 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, New York.
The Museum of Sex in the 233 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, New York.

Museum of Sex, New York
Founder Daniel Gluck founded the Museum of Sex in 2002 in order to bring the history, evolution and cultural significance of human sexuality closer to the sometimes prudish Americans. Here, the exhibitions focus on a variety of sexual preferences and subcultures as the history of homosexuality, SM sex, pornography or prostitution. Since 2009, the museum has expanded to include an aphrodisiac-themed cafe and an additional gallery space.

Venustempel, Amsterdam
The Venus Temple in the center of Amsterdam is the first and oldest sex museum in the world. This museum illuminates eroticism and sensuality from many perspectives across the course of history. There is a large collection of erotic pictures, paintings, photographs, photos, and more. The extensive collection was put together by the museum owner and is located in a historic building from the 17th century at the Damrak.

Sex Machines Museum, Prague
The rooms in the Sex Machines Museum in Prague are kept in a wicked dark red. In this museum, "machines" and devices around sex and eroticism are comprehensively exhibited. You can see, for example, antique condoms, old anti-masturbation apparatuses and many sex toys. Additionally, there is an erotic art gallery and a cinema that shows nostalgic erotic films.

World Erotic Art Museum, Miami
The WEAM is an international art museum, which currently shows more than 6,000 exhibits from the Middle Ages to contemporary, erotic art. Naomi Wilzig is the owner and director of the museum. After some initial retentions in the early years by responsible politicians of the city, the museum is now indisputably the most important erotic museum in the world and an indispensable part of the art scene in Miami. The goal of the museum is to buy up exhibits to the quarterly changing exhibitions. This way, the WEAM presented an exhibition of all known erotic etchings by Rembrandt or solo exhibitions about the topic pin up by Bruno Bernard in 2007. The museum's collection ranges from Chinese Shunga books over erotic African art up to painting, sculpture and drawing based on classical modernity. Visiting this museum is a visual treat and a must for any Miami trip.

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