, 21. July 2016
Dita Von Teese and the specific Way of Striptease

The Fascination of the New Burlesque

Dita Von Teese is on everyone's lips. Just like their profession, the burlesque dancing. Burlesque is a form of erotic dance, whereat women in mostly self-designed, partly sloping costumes, flirt with their eroticism, and at the same time do not neglect the humorous vein. Here women are often based on idols like Betty Page or Dixie Evans.

x-working Dita Von Teese was already walking on Jean-Paul Gaultier´s Fashion Show at the Paris Fashion Week
Dita Von Teese was already walking on Jean-Paul Gaultier´s Fashion Show at the Paris Fashion Week

The modern burlesque as a stage show was developed under the influence of the great Parisian variety theater Moulin Rouge and Folies Bergère at the early 20th century. However, the heyday of burlesque in New York traces back to the 20s. Back then, the brothers Abe, Billy and Herbert Minsky with their "Minsky`s Burlesque" coined the development of the performance. Since 1931, the Burlesque even moved to Broadway.

In the 1950s, the Burlesque joined to the pin-up culture. The most outstanding representative at this time was Betty Page, whose style nowaways often is copied. In the 1990s, various American theater companies under the name of “New Burlesque” revived this art form.

New Burlesque artists only have little to do with conventional strippers. Through unusual stage brands, self-made stage outfits and outlandish stage shows the artists create a special, individual identity. In doing so, the universal ideal of beauty is not the focus. This is typical of the New Burlesque, thus it is also considered the cultured stepsister of striptease.

The demarcation between striptease and New Burlesque is drawn by the degree of undressing. A Burlesque dancer usually undresses not completely during a show. A further distinction can be identified concerning the entertainment level. While the Burlesque has its focus on the entertainment and amusement of spectators, the Striptease aims clear from the sexual stimulation.

Dita Von Teese, who has also worked as CoverGirl, nude model and actress, enhances the art of Burlesque since the 90's through the roof, which is why the Playboy wrote: "Since Betty Page has no fetish model tempers so excited as the cover girl Dita Von Teese".

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