, 21. February 2017
One of the oldest Russian Actresses died

In Memory of Zoya Bulgakova

Life left one of the most famous and oldest Russian actresses in the Russian city Novosibirsk on the third February morning: Zoya Bulgakova. She was 102 years old. There was no artist since 15 years who was older than the mother of theatre at the time of her death.

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The actress was born in Nikolayevsk in 1914. Her father earned his money as a wagoner - because he had a horse. He had five children to feed. Zoya has been striving for a career as an actress since childhood. When she was a child, she was actress at home and many children around the neighborhood came to watch her. In 1930, the city then started to educate young actors at the Leningrad Theater. Zoya once came to see them play and decided to connect her fate with the theater. She became one of the first graduates of the theater studios at the "Globus". Her best roles were those of children. The picture that will remain forever in the hearts of Russians for generations is the image of Little Red Riding Hood (European fairy tale of the Brothers Grimm).

Bulgakova herself said she could play little girl and boy roles best. Once on stage she played a hungry child that convincingly that the weeping audience brought food to the stage to feed the actress. However, the audience was very offended when she refused.

At the end of a play at the theater, Zoya always met enthusiastic fans. Children always said hello to her and accompanied her home. Many people wrote letters to her. In total, the actress played 70 roles. The most well-known among them were: "Puss in Boots", "The Humpbacked Horse", "Snow White" and "Cinderella".

After Zoya played the Queen with bravura in the performance of the famous Russian playwright Samuel Marshak, she was invited to the Russian capital for audition. However, she could not live there far from home, and finally returned to her home base Siberia.

Zoya Bulgakov played the theater of youth for 30 years. Still young and energetic, she decided to leave the scene at the age of 55. She wanted "to remain the young child in the memory of the crowd". During her career, she has earned the titles “Honored Artists of Russia2 and “Honorary Citizen of Novosibirsk”. At the end of 2014, Zoya Bulgakova was shown in her home cinema the last time for her hundredth birthday.

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