, 25. February 2016
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The Gronholm Method. An incredible Job Interview

One of the most famous and longest performed play of the Spanish theater scene is the Grönholm method. And not just in the national scene. At international level, this piece had (even still) represented a great success and is presented in many places around the world.

x-working The Grönholm Method, the hardest selection procedure the theater scene.
The Grönholm Method, the hardest selection procedure the theater scene.

The Grönholm Method is a play created in 2003 by the Catalan playwright Jordi Galceran, in which a selection process for a job of the Swedish company Dekia is announced. There are four candidates who have to undergo the strangest extreme tests with this method you can imagine, in order to assess how the candidate would behave in conflict situations. This wrong game was developed to get the emotionally best and worst out of everyone. However, since this test actually is a fiction, it is designed to reflect the work that is developed on a high level of sophistication and complexity.

The work has a single act and a single scene. The pace is quite fast, with short dialogues and a very direct language. Despite the joy which appears in some scenes each test shows, that the responses of the candidates are caused by emotional stress.

Since the script is very fancy and of high quality, it became internationally well-known. It was premiered in 2003 at the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya (Barcelona) and was then played in Germany, UK, US, Australia, France, Mexico, Argentina, Sweden, Poland and many other countries.

The play was also adapted to the big screen. The film was released in 2005 by the Argentine director Marcelo Piñeyro under the title "The Method". Although the film had some adjustments and disagreements with the version of Galceran, it internationally reached considerable success and has received many international awards.

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