Los Angeles
, 17. September 2017
Just Ridicule for Trump

Emmy Awards in Los Angeles

They are considered as the most important television award ceremony in the world: The Emmy Awards. Many well-known actors from film and television sat in the audience. Once again, the Emmy Awards wanted to be political. This time, US President Trump got much ridicule.

x-working Donald Trump at his electioneering, (c) Marc Nozell
Donald Trump at his electioneering, (c) Marc Nozell

It was a gala evening full of political allusions. US comedian Steven Colbert hosted this year’s Emmy Awards. Right at the beginning of the event, he said that Donald Trump had been the biggest TV star of the past year. In addition, the moderator ongoing reacted to the president's tweet addiction: "I'm looking forward to your tweets," not only came across lips once during the show.

The self-ironic appearance of the former press secretary of the White House, Sean Spicer, was quite surprising. As Spicer entered the stage, the audience raised eyebrows and bewildered faces appeared across the crowd. Especially Melissa McCarthy hardly calmed herself. The comedian parodied Spicer during his office time in the show "Saturday Night Live" the most bitterly. As a monster puppet version, she scolded the Washington press and used the lectern as a battering ram against the journalists.

It is significant that the comedy show "Saturday Night Live" was awarded several times. The American entertainment industry has increasingly considered itself as an opposition, which contributes to the political education of the Americans, especially since Trumps inauguration.

Among other things, actor Alec Baldwin was honored for his parody of the US president, which led to record ratings. Regarding the prize he said: "I guess I should say: Finally, Mr. President - here is your Emmy."

Nicole Kidman got the prize for Best Actress in the mini-series "Big Little Lies", which comments on the issue of domestic violence. The best drama was "The Handmaid`s Tale". A gloomy future vision based on the book "The Handmaid's Tale" by Margaret Atwood.

The Emmy Awards are the showdown of traditional TV channels, subscription-based formats and streaming services. This year, the focus was clearly on beating the entertainer Trump with the same weapons.

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