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Let`s Dance around the World

The best Dance Schools in the World

There are countless dance schools worldwide with different styles and techniques. From ballet to ballroom dancing, everyone can find the dance, which suits her or him. However, the best dance schools differ in the number of those who have made it, for example, to Broadway, in the various offers of dance styles or in the far-reaching history, on which the school can look back to.

x-working Introducing the best dance schools in the world
Introducing the best dance schools in the world

National Performing Arts School
The National Performing Arts School combines dance acting and singing lessons under one roof. They have been providing courses for toddlers to introduce them as soon as possible to the performing arts. The NPAS is located in the Factory in Dublin, Ireland. Here stars like U2 or Britney Spears rehearsed in the past. Jill Doyle and Eamon Farrell, the brother of actor Colin Farrell, manage the school.

Joffrey Academy of Dance
The Joffrey Academy of Dance, based in New York and Chicago, is one of the excellent dancing schools for contemporary ballet. It constantly aims to redefine itself and puts its standards and benchmarks always very high. This is partly possible due to the outstanding choreographers Stephanie Martinez (Chicago), Jennifer Archibald (New York) and Abdul Latif (New York), which impart the latest shows of the Academy of Dance power and innovation.

Bolshoi Ballet Academy
The Bolshoi, with its establishment in 1776, is one of the oldest and best ballet schools in the world. The Moscow forging has already put many famous dancers forth. One of them is Maya Plisetskaya, who holds the highest honorary title of the ballet: prima ballerina assoluta.

Brent Street School
Probably the most important dance school based in Sydney Australia has already brought one or two Broadway star to light. The dance instructors are the best in the world and offer a wide repertoire of styles such as ballet, jazz, hip hop, tap dance, musical theater, singing, drama and acrobatics.

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