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, 19. July 2016
One of the greatest Skateboarders of our Time

Danny Way

Often the question arises, who is the best skateboarder in the world. This cannot get answered in a simple way, since style, technology, performance, attitude and outer influences characterize a skateboarder very individually. Anyhow, Danny Way is among the best in the world. We introduce him.

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Even as a six-year-old, Danny skated with his older brother Damon through Portland / Oregon. In early age, he met headliners such as Kevin Staab, Tony Hawk, Billy Ruff and Steve Steadham and made friends with them. Danny spent a lot of time on the streets, on halfpipes and mini-ramps. When Danny was ten years old he was already sponsored by brands such Hosoi and Vision. At 16, a company called H-Street discovered his talent. He left H-Street quite soon to set up an own company called Plan-B with the co-founder of H-Street Mike Ternasky. In 1991, the first time Danny Way was voted for the "Skater of the Year" by the skater magazine "Trasher".

Danny Way produced a series of videos. In a surf accident during the mid-90's he broke his neck. He had to sit out for about a year. After much relaxation, the exceptional artist then celebrated his comeback. He was better than ever before, won the „Tampa Pro Vert Competition“, and broke the world record for the highest jump on a skateboard. Higher - further - faster, so the motto of Danny Way seemed to be. In the years between 1999 and 2002, the skater had to undergo several knee and shoulder surgeries, which all have been successful. He worked meticulously on a new record and, after several years of rest, he was the first one who built a megaramp of 5.6 meters heighth. With some megaramp constructions he taped videos for the brand DC Shoes. His brother Damian ran DC Shoes and so Danny Way still every year gets its own pro-model shoe, which then is sold worldwide.

Danny Way`s greatest success is likely to be a spectacular jump over the Great Wall of China - without motorized aid, only with his skateboard. He won many competitions, including the X-Games several times. Even in Video Games, next to Tony Hawk he is a popular figure. Used as a playable character in EA Black Box Skate, Skate 2 and Skate 3, as before he trills his fans all over the world.

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