, 27. March 2016
Will he conquer the World as an Exceptional Talent?

BMX-Pro Chris Böhm

He performed BMX exhibitions in Dubai, Monte Carlo or Shanghai. Chris Böhm is one of the most sought freestyle BMX professionals in the world and one of the few who earn their own living with it. Nevertheless, he still works part-time as a children's nurse at the Children & Adolescent Psychiatry in Loerrach, Germany. We introduce you the amazing biker.

x-working Chris Böhm - one of the best artists in the world of BMX
Chris Böhm - one of the best artists in the world of BMX

Chris Böhm comes from the little town of Bitterfeld-Wolfen in Germany. At the age of 15, he watched the X-Games on Eurosport on television. Fascinated by the art of biking, he bought a BMX bike. Together with his friends, he taught all the tricks on the bike himself, noticing that one could make a lot of money with something like this. The cornerstone for an impressive professional career was laid. Despite his time-consuming hobbies, Chris passed an education as a child nurse and worked in the Child & Adolescent Psychiatry in Leipzig. In 2006, he then moved to Loerrach. Moreover, here he continued to work on his profession, even in case only part-time. He integrate his hobby in the work: He has achieved impressive progress with children and adolescents concerning his "BMX Therapy Training“. The training focusses on endurance and coordination, the children can overcome fears and increase self-confidence.

In addition to his work with children and adolescents, the 33-year-old performs up to 150 BMX exhibitions across the year. He also advertises for fashion and watch brands and travels around the world on this. Currently, he offers four different show types, which can be booked on his website for events. Chris Böhm dances on the BMX together with Sebi Jäger, the world champion in breakdance, in his BreakMX show. Both consider BreakMX as a new style of dance, which consists of choreographic elements and a lot of power. In the BMXtriX show, the exceptional biker performs together with the German tricking champion, Mark Pipper. Tricking is composed of several martial arts: Capoeira, karate, kung fu and gymnastics. Another highlight in Chris Böhm`s repertoire is the energetic Ready-2-Rumble show. In this production, breakdance, tricking, BMX flatland, freestyle football and rhythmic gymnastics meet & mingle. The original BMX show is a highlight for any event. Here Chris Böhm demonstrates either in teams or in solo spectacular choreographies with the BMX.

Additional notoriety brought the BMX pro his TV appearances on German television. He already performed in the RTL shows "Das Supertalent", at "Galileo" or at "Stern TV". In addition, Chris Böhm is very active on all social networks. We look forward to publish many further updates in view of this exceptional biker from Loerrach and will report on his future events.

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