, 26. September 2016
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The best Surf Spots in the World

Surfing means to face the natural power of water to use the forces of winds and the waves to ride on these. The following applies as in any sport: practice makes perfect! For experienced surfers there are wonderful places where the winds and the waves hitting particularly in a harmonious way. Hereinafter we present the top five hotspots of surf spots!

x-working The waves on Oahu in Hawaii provide the ultimate surf kick and state THE surfer's paradise
The waves on Oahu in Hawaii provide the ultimate surf kick and state THE surfer's paradise

Beach at Pipeline on Oahu (Hawaii)
This "pipeline" is only for true professionals: Six-meter tubes break over sharp rocks, which are a high potential for injury. However, spectators are welcome guests on Oahu. The rule: See and be seen!

Beach at Supertubes in Jeffrey's Bay (South Africa)
Sometimes here extend long and fast flow channels that can be up to 300 meters long. For this reason, the pipeline of Jeffrey's Bay is one of the top surfing spots in the world. Once a year the Billabong Pro ASP World Tour takes place.

Beach of Teahupo'o in Tahiti (French Polynesia)
Teahupo'o means "wall full of heads". The locals call the wave wall on Tahiti, which is probably one of most perfect and most feared waves in the world. The hard strike force of the waves has certainly already broken many surfer´s bones.

Uluwatu beach and Kuta in Bali (Indonesia)
At the 5km long sandy beach of Kuta also surf beginners will get their money's worth. Among the partially impressive and high waves, there are no sharp coral reefs, which may cause injuries. The beach is also the nicest from whole Bali.

Beach of P-Pass in Pohnpei (Micronesia)
While over Europe blows winter, in Micronesia is peak season. The waves at the beach of P-Pass also provide fun for beginners to the same extent then for advanced surfers. In addition, there is always enough space available for surfing: The island is located far remote, that for many surfers the journey is simply too expensive and therefore, there is enough space for the ones, who can afford it anyway.

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