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All about the art of biking, skating and surfing.

Skating has several meanings. It refers to inline skates, skateboarding or ice-skating. Surfing is planing using different types of boards on waves.

Biking, Skating & Surfing - a first overview

Inline skating has developed as a kind of trend sport since the 90s. There are several variations of this sport: Roller Skating, Inline Skater Hockey, Fitness, Nordic Blading, Freestyle Slalom, Aggressive Inline or Inline Hockey. Skateboarders are also referred to as asphalt surfers. The sport came up in the 60s by the projection of surfing onto the asphalt and concrete. The art of ice skating is an official discipline at the Olympic Winter Games.

The best known form of surfing is surfing on a surfboard. Surfing comes from the island of Hawaii, where it is an integral spiritual and cultural part of the society. In the 50s, surfing experienced a new boom. Many Americans discovered surfing. Another style of surfing is Windsurfing, in which you stand on a surfboard using a sail as means of transportation. At Kitesurfing, the athlete stands on a board and is being pulled by a kite across the water. In the context of surf sports as well as at skate sports, there are competitions where athletes put themselves to the test and want to impress a jury with their tricks.

At skateboarding, there are countless tricks, for example, grabs, flips, grinds or flatlands. Also in figure skating or surfing, there are countless tricks that emphasize the art of these sports. Dive down to the community with other skaters or surfers and meet new contacts. Do not miss any trends or events thanks to our magazine!

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