, 28. February 2016
The Magic of the 21st Century

The Magician and Illusionist Florian Zimmer

He is the most successful illusionist of Germany and currently also far beyond the country's borders. With his impressive illusions, Florian Zimmer always put people in a childlike astonishment, which is without equal. An introduction.

x-working Florian Zimmer
Florian Zimmer

The 32-year-old from Ulm has set hisself very early in his childhood to the task, to become one of the best in the world in the field of magic. Finally, he became one. The currently reigning European Champion of Magic is the only German, honored to receive what the most important US award for magicians, the "Golden Lion Award" from the hands of Siegfried & Roy. Already at the age of 23 years, Florian Zimmer was one of the most talented magician of his generation. As a teenager, he devoured the whole literature of magic and thus got access to the hidden world of illusion. Florian quickly developed his own style and scintillated at an early age with his impressive stage sovereignty. Always looking for the perfect illusion, Florian worked over seven years for his ten-minute perfomance that helped him with his breakthrough: His Graffitti show appears for the old hands of magic like a makeover. In "Color of Magic“, he transforms among others balls by means of a Graffitti spray bottle into colorful colors. In addition, not only the various tricks are spectacular, even the whole show and staging of Florian Zimmer is creative, new and incredibly innovative. Even Michael Jackson became aware of the mage talent and asked the young Ulmer to a private audience for Florian's "Face-to-Face" show.

As an homage to Houdini himself, Florian Zimmer had sunk in 2011 in the town square of his hometown in a glass coffin. Those days, the room was filled from the top with soil. In this grave, he spent three days without food and observed by the running around, astonished passersby. On the third day the young illusionist liberated himself by floating out from his grave chamber.

Inspired by the abeyance Florian developed the “Flying illusion” in 2015. He hovers over the river Danube. That is right - he floats in fact - and leaves the viewer with wide eyes and mouths open amazed in a childlike spirit through this fascinating illusion.

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