, 30. January 2016
Circus Show of Superlatives

The Magic of Cirque du Soleil

The "Cirque du Soleil" is a huge entertainment company from Canada. Founded in 1984 by street performer Guy Laliberté, it now employs about 5,000 people worldwide, of which about 1,300 artists originate from about 50 countries.

x-working Even a circus tent of the Cirque du Soleil states an evidence for uncanny size and fascination at the same time
Even a circus tent of the Cirque du Soleil states an evidence for uncanny size and fascination at the same time

In the shows of this magic circus theater artists and musicians perform. The Cirque du Soleil abandons any animal acts and sets his sights purely on human artistry and magic. In the early days of Cirque du Soleil Guy Laliberte, after a successful performance for the 450th anniversary of Canada, employed about 73 employees. They made it their mission, to enchant visitors in a blue yellow tent with a mix of acrobatics and street theater. The resounding success of the troop based here on the perfect harmonization of topics, performance, costumes, lightning and music. This concept of exceptional circus has remained true to this day.

In the 1990s, the circus then settled with own shows as an overseas tour to Europe and Asia. Here one put together a program for Asia which was entitled "Fascination". For Europe, for the tenth anniversary in 1994, the most successful show "Alegría", as well as "Saltimbanco", which on the basis of the Netherlands, Germany and Austria became world famous throughout North America even as far away as to Tokyo.

In the 2000s they began to record the shows and sold the DVDs of Cirque du Soleil. This, too, promised a very successful endeavor to be, because the shows ran worldwide magnificent. The people love to dive into imaginative worlds, to listen to stories and to watch artists and performers in a circus atmosphere.

Moreover, this is not yet enough, with the "Circus of the Sun" one now plans a first Broadway musical. Starting from 2nd June 2016 on, "PARAMOUR" is listed at the Lyric Theatre on the New York Broadway. The show should conatin of many elements of typical Broadway musical, such as an action-driven story, a love story, live musicians and professional actors in the lead role. At the same time, "PARAMOUR" should present the aesthetics of the Cirque du Soleil and enrich the action with numerous acrobatic performances.

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