, 17. February 2017
Magic Shows of Superlatives

Fascination Ehrlich Brothers

They were the first magicians in the world filling a soccer stadium and thus uniting the majority of people with a magic show. With their new show "Fascination", the Ehrlich Brothers are currently on a great tour.

x-working The Ehrlich Brothers present a magic show of superlatives, © Ralph Larmann
The Ehrlich Brothers present a magic show of superlatives, © Ralph Larmann

The brother´s Andreas and Christian real last name is Reinelt. Even as children, they experimented with a magic box. Andreas first studied sports and mathematics to become a teacher, Christian passed an education as a pyrotechnician. In their early days, they teamed up under the artist names Andy McJoy and Chris Joker. Andreas at his eighteenth birthday, Christian to his seventeenth were then admitted to the Magic Circle of Germany.

The Ehrlich Brothers have been performing magic together since the year 2000. Inspired by Siegfried and Roy, their magic shows offer elaborate illusion techniques. For this, the Magic Circle of Germany has already awarded them three times as the “Magician of the Year”. Last time 2016, when they lured 40,000 people to the Frankfurt soccer stadium and thus made it into the Guiness book of the Records in the category "Most People at a Magic Show". Even David Copperfield wanted to buy two illusions from the brothers. However, the two refused. They just have too much fun and success with their spectacular tricks.

For their new show "Faszination", the Ehrlich Brothers travel with a huge equipment to the arenas of Germany. A 40-strong crew daily rig up material, which is transported in nine trucks, more than 30 kilometres of cables are layed for a show. These provide more than 500 special effects.

Their show begins "harmless". Andreas lets Christian shrink to a small hand doll or one of the brothers predicts the colouring of a spectator's clothes. When suddenly a group of "mothers-in-law" are teleported through the entire room, or split ropes get merged again, it is clear that masters are at work.

The show reaches gigantic dimensions when the Ehrlich Brothers give rise to an eight ton heavy and 2000 HP monster truck out of a small toy vehicle under a waving scarf. When you finally see how a motorcycle pulls out of an oversized, flat iPad, you are no longer surprised that the Ehrlich Brothers were awarded as "Magicians of the Year".

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