, 04. November 2016
Do Women get a Raw Deal?

Women in the Street Art Scene

In the street art scene, it is just the way that most artists are men. Everyone knows the brands from Banksy or BLEK over Frank Shepard Fairy or Sten and Lex. However, there are also internationally successful women in the scene. We introduce you four of them.

x-working Work by Alice Pasquini in Salerno, Italy
Work by Alice Pasquini in Salerno, Italy

Subi Roberto
Subi Roberto is a 32-year-old street art artist from Miami. She became well-known in her home with artworks such as "We Are Lightwalkers". The work was supported by the Miami Art Museum and now has somehow become her trademark. The "Faces", as she calls them, are countless, nameless, depressive-looking, sexless human beings scattering a gloomy mood. For Subi Roberto, street art is not a job. Painting provides her wholly-owned joy.

China Girl Tile
The Viennese China Girl Tile creates another way of street art: She provides walls a social and political sense with ceramic fairy-tale figures. Whether ceramic Bambis, foxes or puking ponies - since 2010, the exceptional artist works in public space. She wants to make people start thinking with their art. Moreover, this works best on the street. For her work, she often stands in laboratories for months before she can mount on walls. There is hardly anyone who deals with ceramics across the entire street art scene.

Alice Pasquini
The Italian has more than 70,000 Facebook fans. Many of her artworks deal with feelings. In addition, the environment in which she paints them always guides her motives. She tours cities such as Berlin, Paris or London, paints in Singapore and Morocco. Alice is studied designer and illustrator. She uses street art to express herself - without the limitations of a customer´s order.

Swoon is a remarkable street artist from New London, Connecticut. At the age of 19 she moved to New York City and initially specialized in life-size wheat pastes prints and paper cutouts of figures. She studied painting at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. Since 1999, she dedicates herself to street art.

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