Cape Town
, 27. March 2016
Political Statements from the Heart of Africa

Street Art from Africa - Part 2

In our first part, we have already looked at the street art artists Dieynaba Sidibe, Faith47 and the Egyptian artist El Teneen. The political statements of the artists were always at the forefront. Today we present the artist collectives Uhuru B, Smokillah and Bankslave who have dedicated themselves to the fight against corruption in Kenya, and Ricky Lee Gordon aka Freddy Sam living in Cape Town.

x-working Street Art from Ricky Lee Gordon @ Azores Portugal 2015
Street Art from Ricky Lee Gordon @ Azores Portugal 2015

The artist collective Uhuru B, Smokillah and Bankslave
The four famous artists from Kenya have joined forces to encourage the population with their street art to rethink. There are many topics for this in Kenya - corruption, exploitation, violence. One of the most famous images of the collective is the representation of Kenyan politicians as vultures following their activities in a list of known issues. Bankslave is Nairobi's most famous artists. For him it is especially important to utilize graffiti as a tool for social change. The artist Lawrence William, with the pseudonym Uhuru emphasizes his view to change his country with graffiti. For the Revolution, the collective works quickly, efficiently and effectively. Each sequence is carefully considered. For the revolution - for Africa!

Ricky Lee Gordon
Ricky Lee Gordon also wants to achieve social change through his art. His street art is already known internationally, he painted, among other things already large murals in cities like Istanbul or Kathmandu. A remarkable work he performed once in an orphanage in Cape Town together with boys between eight and eighteen. He gave them art workshops and curated an exhibition with the kids. In addition, the unique artist works together with NGOs such as Amnesty International, WWF and Doctors Without Borders. In 2014, the National Geographic elected Freddy Sam to the „11 Street Art Greats“.

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