Cape Town
, 27. March 2016
The Revolt in the Streets

Street Art from Africa - Part 1

In Africa, street art is still mainly used to draw attention to social deficiency and political problems. There are a number of street art artists from Africa that are thought provoking with their graffitis or just allow their aesthetic art full bent. We met some of the artists.

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Dieynaba Sidibe
Since street art is rather occupied by male artists, Dieynaba Sidibe is a welcome alternation in the scene. As the first professional graffiti artist of Senegal, she therefore puts a sign for the equality of women. That is in particular what the young superwoman defines as her topic of art. She advocates for women's rights and struggles with her pictures against solidified society roles in Senegal. She herself even ran away as an 18-year-old. Her parents forbade her graffiti painting, she should rather become a doctor. Dieynaba continued painting, because she had the feeling of being able to express herself better this way.

El Teneen
El Teneen is a 29-year-old street artist from Egypt. His pseudonym means "The Dragon". He is acclaimed as an icon of the Egyptian revolution in 2011. Before 2011, political street art was not common in Egypt. He sprayed his street art around the Tahrir Square, so that even after the revolution something would remain. His most famous work is the sprayed image of a chessboard, which is surrounded by several deposed kings. In addition, there are bishops, knights, rooks and farmers to be seen on it.

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