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, 17. September 2016
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The best Street Art Cities in the World

For many in the society ist became clear that street art is no public pollution but has evolved into a recognized art form. Whether on walls, bridges, roads or vacant cars - street artist enchant people with fantastic images. In every major city you will find surprisingly well-done images from talented artists.

x-working The beautiful work of Eduardo Kobra in New York.
The beautiful work of Eduardo Kobra in New York.

New York
In the city on the east coast of the United States the graffiti art scene boomed since the 60s. At that time still considered vandalism, today this urban art form is almost considered as mainstream. In New York at the time the first subway cars were discovered by artists: Whether simple Tags, Style Writing, Scratching or artful images - usually at night the cars were worked on.

Berlin is hip. And as a hip city, it is good expression of variety to unite many graffiti styles. In Berlin one often finds the Stencil-style, by which images are sprayed using a stencil. The historic masonry along the East Side Gallery invited over 100 artists to perpetuate the old parts of the Berlin Wall.

Sao Paulo
The Brazilian metropolis like New York looks back on a long tradition of street art. Many artists here are already very well-recognized so that they may exhibit their art in galleries or are funded by commissions from the city. The origin of the style "Pixacao" goes back to Sao Paulo, which is a special form of Gang Graffiti. Characteristic for this style are exclusive monochrome tags with spray cans or paint rollers.

Who knows Paris just as the city of love, mistaken. Street art has achieved cult status in the French capital, Paris is one of the epicenters for street art. Typical of Paris is the "Underground" art. In the numerous catacombs of the city graffiti artists all over the world have immortalized their works.

The most famous street artist in London and probably of the world is Banksy. Banksy`s passion are outstanding Stencils, attached to walls that amaze people from all around the world. London's street art scene is one of the largest in the world.

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