, 26. January 2016
Nikolaj Arndt and Street Painting

About the Art of 3D on the Streets

About 20 years ago first 3D artworks appeared on sidewalks and squares in cities around the world. Since then, the 3D art style street painting has fascinated pedestrians, who are amazed about three-dimensional objects what they see in front of them painted on the floor.

x-working 3D street painting fascinated pedestrians, like here at the Lake Worth Florida Street Painting Festival 2014
3D street painting fascinated pedestrians, like here at the Lake Worth Florida Street Painting Festival 2014

Street painting in its origin is a very old style of street art. Pigments, mostly applied with pastels or with a brush are the painting tool, with which the illusion is created. For this reason the results on the streets are not long-lasting and they usually get neutralized with the next rain.

Street painters has been around for a very long time. They can often be seen in the pedestrian streets of the cities or in public places which are based on a corresponding ground. For their art they demand a small donation from the people passing by. Over time a global street painting community developed that flew throughout the world going out from California. The members consider themselves as "service providers on behalf of Gaya" and made it their business to set coloured examples in downtown areas in order to reach the highest possible number of people. At festivals, the community unites and celebrates its art.

Nikolaj Arndt is a master of 3D street painting. Born in a small town in Russia in 1975, the exceptional artist creates 3D street paintings to perfection. A speciality of the Russian artist who nowadays lives in Marburg/Hessen are spectacular animal motifs. Arndt always paints very detailed and vividly coloured. Since 2009 he participates in street art festivals in various cities plus countries and reaps one prize after the other. Nikolaj Arndt also teaches at a private art school and additionally works with advertising agencies and galleries.

We are looking forward to the next street art festival with fascinating pictures of Nikolaj Arndt and other artists. We will report on it.

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